Aids/LifeCycle Stories from the Road

Why I Ride – Luke & Manny | AIDS/LifeCycle from TrimTab Media on Vimeo.

I just got back from a crazy week editing on the road! As a member of TrimTab Media’s video crew, I drove down the coast of California documenting AIDS/Lifecycle– a 7-day, 545 mile fundraising bike ride to support AIDS/HIV programs at the San Francisco Aids Foundation and Los Angeles LGBT Center.

It was insane! Every morning we’d wake up early, grab breakfast beneath a big tent, and embark on the day’s journey. While the camera crew went out and gathered footage of the ride and interviews with participants, I had roughly eight hours to put together the story of the day. It was quite the challenge, but an experience I hope to live again. The community on the ride was so welcoming, loving and interesting! In all, we produced 5 videos, each unique compelling in their own way. My favorite, though, was the story of Luke and Manny–the sweetest couple on the ride 🙂